Media Century is a Web project integrated partner located Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a full service Web agency, providing Web design & development, secure Web & email hosting, Web management & maintenance, online & email marketing, search engine optimization, rich media campaigns, and digital media consultancy.
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Ideas to Keep Your Website Alive - WEB MAINTENANCE

Million of Websites Competing on The World of Internet Today -
The price that you pay by having an out-dated website is either lose customers, or never find them.

The Challenges
The changes of the business is always on, and always will. Your business may change address or contact numbers, new products or services, company profile or core competencies ... Admittedly, your business website requires to perform in up-to-date and able to speaks by it self.

The website should not be born and then abandoned. With the right support team and a little bit of time, they can grow into successful marketing players of our business arena.

The Solutions

Media Century has been actively managing websites for our clients since day one. Our Web Maintenance programs are ideally as comprehensive as just like you are having your own Web Support Team that will stand by behind of your website. Now, for less than the price of one Webmaster with basic web technical skills, you can have a full team of graphic designers, web content developers, online marketing specialists, and experienced project consultants all at your commands.

Our comprehensive suite of services gets the job done,
and our design speak for itself.


Customized Web Maintenance Services
If you truly want to enhance the performance of your website, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll make a custom web maintenance program just for you!

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