Media Century is a Web project integrated partner located Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a full service Web agency, providing Web design & development, secure Web & email hosting, Web management & maintenance, online & email marketing, search engine optimization, rich media campaigns, and digital media consultancy.
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Redeployment with Business Touch - WEB RE-DEVELOPMENT

It's the time to give your website a new, fresh look as well as some added interactivity.
Your website is better because they go through an extensive planning, production and testing to remain viable in the world of business online.

What You Need?
With over 14 million websites competing under a world-wide-web channel to keep the audiences, itís important that your business website that constantly, revise, re-position and incorporate latest Internet technologies to exploit marketing on your behalf. d

There are 5  questions that guide to web re-development:

1. What percentage of visitors that come to your site are turning into customers?
2. Have your sales to customers increased since you published your website?
3. Have you visited your competitor's sites recently to compare to your website?
4. Can your visitors find out your offered products and services within 3 clicks?
5. Does your website allow you to collect visitor information?

What You Will Get
We compare and contrast the features of an existing Web presence against the features needed and wanted by the target demographic. We then produce a blueprint for attracting a larger market share, raising conversion ratios, building more customer loyalty, and reducing operational costs.

Area of Concerns

Design - present a positive professional image and generate interest.
Content - copies are kept relevant, simple and clean.
Navigation - need to be user friendly and extendable.
Speed - fast downloading and not to distract the visitors.
Compatible - research on major browsers and not designed to be flashy.

Contact us about what you really need to accomplish, and to see the difference
Media Century could make to your business website.

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